This season Ong-Oaj Pairam explored the concept of fragmented memories with a collection inspired by his childhood in Nakhon Ratichasima. Pairam combined utilitarian functional workwear with hedonistic aesthetic. Having appeal to both genders, the collection was worn by both sexes, proving the wearability of the collection and I have to admit the unisex potentailly androgynous feel the collection gave worked.
The line had strong feminine silhouettes emphasized by the stunning floating dresses and loose fitting jumpsuits; styled down to a T. Layers were separated beautifully playing on the pastel floral colour palette featured throughout the collection. Pinks, baby blues and greens were the main colour scheme, with one of the finale dresses incorporating all the colours in a stunning flowy piece.
From gathered necklines to contrasting sleeves, boned body suits to stunning flowy dresses the collection breathed an air of spring and summer through and through.
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