Brazilian designer Mariana Jungman brought us a whole lot of ethereal, soft tailoring, encrusted head pieces and lots of jewel and metallic detailing. For Spring/Summer Mariana Jungmann explored the goddess-like strength of ‘Yemanja'; Queen of the Ocean and the patron deity of fisherman Yemanja was the feminine principle of creation and the spirit of moonlight.


Mariana 01

Mariana 07

The collection was undeniably strong yet feminine juxtaposed beautifully through the use of menswear tailoring with silver glittery hues of make up and accessories. The colour palette plays on the ethereal, nothing like the stereotypical colourful collection you’d come to expect from a spring summer collection, staying in line with Yemanja’s story, evolving from metallic baby blue to dark moss green and from greys to white to nude.

Mariana 02

Mariana 04

Mariana 06


Mariana 08

Playing with a variety of fabrics, prints and layers the the swan/mermaid feeling really comes to life, and could even have you convert and stick to a simple colour palette even in the summer. Both strong yet simplistic with stunning clean cut to flowy pieces – I have to admit this has been one of my favourite shows so far, both diverse and inspired.

Mariana 05

Mariana 03

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