lulu-liuLulu Liu’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection ‘Yarrow Wando’ was an affair of pretty silk prints in fuschia, coral and pink prints, monochrome two pieces, ruffled silhouettes, puff sleeves and flirty slits accessorised with with tassled metallic handbags as part of a collaboration with Cherelle Brown of IAMQING.

While textures were dominant with edgy woven leather (our favourite a white two piece), sumptuous silks including the ancient Xiangyunsha silk used in garments for the elite of Asian royal society created softer silhouettes.

lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-1 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-2 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-3 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-4 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-5An opulent and yet very wearable collection and yet another proof that on trend pink is here to stay with us till summer.

lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-6 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-7 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-8 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-9

At the end of the show, Liu stepped on to the runway with her newborn son Joshua – it was while awaiting his birth she created this collection in what she referred to as an “idyllic state of mind”, and considering how she seems to have given us an idyllic summer wardrobe like a walk through a Japanese summer garden, complete with leaf ornaments in hair, we can only thank Josh!

lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-10 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-11 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-12 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-13 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-14 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-15 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-16 lulu-liu-spring-summer-2014-17Images source

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