KTZ didn’t disappoint as expected this fashion week, from the moment the first model walked out I was already captivated. The collection had a mixture of translucent white, flowing material and dark, hard textures. The layering of the outfits was perfect, with the plain white material underneath the translucent white, allowing you to see the detail and shapes in the material.


I don’t think there was anything in this collection I didn’t like. Stars and circle shapes were very prominent; KTZ took the shapes and made them stand out amongst the fabric creating a jig saw like effect.

2013-09-172 2013-09-173 2013-09-174 2013-09-175

Another part of the collection I loved was the Middle Eastern style tailoring and head pieces, and the use of peach/pink, grey and floral colours which made the outfits very fitting to summer but also very striking.

2013-09-176 2013-09-177 2013-09-178

Then there was also a punk rock side to the collection that came with some amazing accessories, such as the black leather and metal head pieces and long and detailed statement necklaces seen throughout the collection.


The ready to wear collection mainly consisted of three piece two piece outfits, which allows for versatility and for you to remove pieces depending on how you choose to wear it, especially with the outfits paired with harem pants or leggings.



The patterning and symbols that KTZ produce is something that cannot be replicated, when you see it you know its KTZ, it turns a simple leather jacket into an eye catching piece of art.

Photos: Vogue

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