The Mercedes–Benz Kiev Fashion Days show hit the catwalk at Fashion Scout with designers Anna K, Krasilnikova, Lara Quint, Lera Leshchova, Paskal and Yasya Minochkina showcasing their designs.
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First up on the runway was Anna K, a designer and model, she gave us wide legged denim jumpsuits and fabulkous swing coats with polka dot faux fur and gingham lining. Anna also showed her fun cheeky side side with captioned tees reading “Fashion Circus” and “Do you want to talk to my agent?”. She rocked the last look herself, giving a wave and big smile to the cameras during the final walk.
anna k
Kiev(AnnaK) - Hannah McGee003S
Kiev(AnnaK) - Hannah McGee002S
Next up was Laura Quint, who brought her signature clean lines and voluminous pieces featuring clean cut lady like coats, corseted gowns which were given an edge with the addition of sheer organza tops and voluminous sleeves. The collection was simple yet elegant, reaffirmed by the palette which featured blacks, whites, camel and an injection of blood red towards the end of the collection
Kiev(LaraQuint) - Hannah McGee004S
Kiev(LauraQuint) - Hannah McGee003S
Kiev(LauraQuint) - Hannah McGee001S
Julie Paskal, one of the more anticipated designers  ran with her trademark minimalism with edge, playing with cage-like pieces. Sharp, well cut mini-dresses were given that edgey feel by the addition of the cage like draping added to them, from black to fuschia pink, Paskal kept it simple yet memorable. Paskal designs for the modern woman looking for something unique yet feminine and that could clearly be seen in this collection. With a stand out piece being a pink cropped jumpsuit with its caged cape and trim, you can definitely see the kind of woman she has in mind!
Kiev(Paskal) - Hannah McGee003S
 Kiev(Paskal) - Hannah McGee001S
Lara Leshchova was next to exhibit her latest collection. With a focus on highlighting the feminine silhouette, her grey, wool, cut-out shift dresses certainly achieved this while oversized chunky knits in purple and grey added some interesting textures and design.
Kiev(LaraLeshcova) - Hannah McGee002S
Kiev(LaraLeshcova) - Hannah McGee003S
Kiev(LaraLeshcova) - Hannah McGee001S
Irina Krasilnikova, excited the crowd with sheer knits, faux fur and laser cut leathers in her futuristic ensembles. Known for her romantic elegance, she kept the tones muted playing with beige, greys with dashes of burgundy here and there adding a richness to the colour scheme. One of the obvious favourites was the faux fur and leather dress, while the fine knit leggings teamed with cropped jumpers couldn’t go unmentioned.
Kiev(Krasilnikova) - Hannah McGee001S
Kiev(Krasilnikova) - Hannah McGee002S
The final collection to showcase as part of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion days was sports inspired collection of Yasya Minochkina. Vibrant greens and interesting textures brought the sports look to life. The obviously masculine designs had a great undeniable feminine element to them, something only  Minochkina  could achieve so elegantly. Patent croc-effect skirts and tops teamed with knee-high socks established the masculine-meets-femininity look, while an A-line monocrome coat and black turtle neck dress reiterated the elegant minimalist elements of the collection.
Kiev(Yasa) - Hannah McGee003S
Kiev(Yasa) - Hannah McGee002S Kiev(Yasa) - Hannah McGee001S

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