Spice TV Fiesta-5089Brand new Nigerian label, Kamokini specialising in swimwear made her official debut at Runway Fiesta Season 2 on Monday, 8 September. Inspired by art, music and culture, designer Kambili Ofili-Okonkwo showcased a collection of 12 pieces from colourful two-piece and one-piece swimwear with beading details and cut out details to print cover-ups.

As Jo El, who could be described as a young Tuface, entertained the guests with upbeat Afrobeats, the models put on a feel-good show a la Victoria’s Secret. Forget frosty high fashion; the Kamokini catwalk was all about soaring temperatures.

Images: SubySinem / S Two Media

Spice TV Fiesta-4991 Spice TV Fiesta-5009 Spice TV Fiesta-5017 Spice TV Fiesta-5024 Spice TV Fiesta-5029 Spice TV Fiesta-5036 Spice TV Fiesta-5040 Spice TV Fiesta-5042 Spice TV Fiesta-5048 Spice TV Fiesta-5050 Spice TV Fiesta-5054 Spice TV Fiesta-5055 Spice TV Fiesta-5058 Spice TV Fiesta-5063 Spice TV Fiesta-5071 Spice TV Fiesta-5079 Spice TV Fiesta-5095 Spice TV Fiesta-5091 Spice TV Fiesta-5087
Spice TV Fiesta-5104


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