Despite the extreme winds and mass amounts of rain, the que for John Rocha was still in its hundreds, with plenty of eager fashionistas waiting for the main stage Somerset doors to open.

john-rocha-aw14-007_CA john-rocha-aw14-017_CA john-rocha-aw14-013_CA

This season John Rocha didn’t hold back on doing things big and bold, which and be seen in the main theme of big ruffled necks and head pieces made from organza throughout the collection. The ruffles allowed the garments to bounce and move as the models made their way down the catwalk.

john-rocha-aw14-008_CA john-rocha-aw14-006_CA john-rocha-aw14-004_CA

The inspiration for the collection came from the dark Icelandic skies and revisiting ideas from Pierre Soulages. There was also a theme of flowers in the collection, as some pieces portrayed budding flowers or flowers that have come to life.



There were very masculine/ feminine silhouettes used and an impressive use of different fabrics.  The layering of the silk and organza helped to give shape to the garments, as well as the falling flowers attached to tulle fabric , and cut out leaves draped from dresses which also gave a more defined silhouette.


john-rocha-aw14-021_CA john-rocha-aw14-020_CA

The overall collection was very dark with bursts of red and white. Over-sized jackets formed important pieces in the collection, especially the red velvet over-sized jacket that was paired with a ruffled neckpiece, that you couldn’t help but adore.

john-rocha-aw14-012_CA john-rocha-aw14-011_CA



There were still however other standout pieces, like the white and black PVC cut out dresses which had a running pattern and layered bottom that also gave motion to the dresses as they came down the catwalk

john-rocha-aw14-010_CA john-rocha-aw14-009_CA


Photo Credit: Elle

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