Spice TV Fiesta-4051Last Monday saw Spice TV bring a plethora of Nigeria’s design talent on to the runway with the second season of Runway Fiesta. One of the labels to rock the runway was Grey. With the ‘Pretty Girls Rock’ collection, Rukky Ladoja, creative director at Grey, wanted to defy the androgyny trend with feminine looks for the strong woman who is not afraid to look pretty.

Contracted with the fabulous Temi Dollface in androgynous tailoring who serenaded the guests, the models took to the runway in floor-length print dresses and jumpsuits, midi dresses in geometric patterns and candy colours, and more sophisticated cuts in darker hues such as burgundy and grey, but never losing a sense of femininity with sheer details and flattering structures.

Pretty Girls did indeed rock!

Images: SubySinem / S TWO Media

Spice TV Fiesta-3961


Spice TV Fiesta-3969

Spice TV Fiesta-3972 Spice TV Fiesta-3976


Spice TV Fiesta-3978


Spice TV Fiesta-4045 Spice TV Fiesta-3994 Spice TV Fiesta-3997 Spice TV Fiesta-4003 Spice TV Fiesta-4005 Spice TV Fiesta-4007 Spice TV Fiesta-4011 Spice TV Fiesta-4014 Spice TV Fiesta-4016 Spice TV Fiesta-4020 Spice TV Fiesta-4022 Spice TV Fiesta-4024 Spice TV Fiesta-4027 Spice TV Fiesta-4031 Spice TV Fiesta-4032 Spice TV Fiesta-4036 Spice TV Fiesta-4038 Spice TV Fiesta-4042 Spice TV Fiesta-4047 Spice TV Fiesta-4054 Spice TV Fiesta-4055 Spice TV Fiesta-4058

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