Ajepomaa Mensah of ajePomaa Design Gallery graduated with honors in fashion design and merchandising from LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore. She has interned with Jill Stuart NYC and Searle NYC. She also had fashion merchandising and production experience with Burgandy Singapore, Anik , Montmarte and Searle all in New York City.

Ajepomaa Mensah started her fashion career in 2005 and started ajePomaa Design Gallery on February 2010. She has since mantained her style thoughout the international and Ghanaian fashion scene. She has designed her own global language of fashion through her afrothentic roots.

The signature of the ajePomaa Design Gallery woman is a classic sophisticate with a playful edge.

See more images from her runway show at Glitz Fashion Week below:Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs0 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs1 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs2 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs3 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs4 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs5 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs6 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs7 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs8 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs9 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs10 Glitz-Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-Ajepomaa-Designs12

Photo credit: Paul Ukonu

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