Rivers State designer Beatrice Black Atarisure offered women a rainbow of colours and a wide variety of fabrics to play with in her Spring/Summer 2014 collection which she showcased on day 2 of GTBank Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013.

With hues ranging from mellow yellow to sophisticated grey to a select few print numbers, the collection comprised of smart casual day dresses to more evening-appropriate long gowns, all in chiffon fabrics, crepe and lace.

LFDW2013Day2-0223 LFDW2013Day2-0234 LFDW2013Day2-0243 LFDW2013Day2-0251 LFDW2013Day2-0259 LFDW2013Day2-0265 LFDW2013Day2-0275 LFDW2013Day2-0281 LFDW2013Day2-0290 LFDW2013Day2-0297 LFDW2013Day2-0304 LFDW2013Day2-0310 LFDW2013Day2-0318 LFDW2013Day2-0325 LFDW2013Day2-0328 LFDW2013Day2-0338 LFDW2013Day2-0343 LFDW2013Day2-0350

Photography: Chidi Nwankwo /

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