Basharatyan-3Basharatyan V bases her collection on locations, and this season the designer was inspired by Iceland, particularly Icelandic nature conservation Heidmork, which also happens to be the name of the collection.

In true Basharatyan V style the blonde clean cut wigs are back and we love it. They drooped in a bowl cut shape over the models eyes, which forced you to center you attention even more to the garments.

Basharatyan V - HannahMcGee007S

Natural silhouettes and Icelandic pallets of blue, forest green, red, and cream were used throughout the collection.The fabrics and textures complimented each other where the designer infused them , for example the leather lined with red mohair jacket. The over-sized coats and their colour contrasts in the lining immediately catch your eye coming down the catwalk.

Basharatyan V - HannahMcGee008S

This season the crop-top was an important piece paired with midi skirts and fitted leather pants. However Basharatyan V didn’t disappoint when it came to the stunning sweeping gowns in the collection with their pastel colours and figure defining shapes.

Basharatyan V - HannahMcGee005S


Photo Credit: Fashion Scout & Fashion 156

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