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Ashley Isham is a designer that is renowned for his precise geometric tailoring and decadent fabrics and with this collection he proved once again why she’s become so recognisable within the industry. He brought us major femininity and glamour which plays on a level of exquisiteness and undeniable beauty.
ashley isham
Among all the glamour and luxe was a very contemporary twist which played on present trends, from tartan to florals.  The dresses fully depicted extravagance and beauty. Although combined with lace and embroidered visors, celebrating Equastrian year of the Horse, the looks became more quirky and interesting.
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Other features synonymous to equestrian were tailored capes and strong shoulders. alongside the equestrian influences were obvious touches of romanticism which were brought forward through intricate embroidery, fluid trains, playful floral prints and fishtail skirts. Among the prints and tartan patterns was a firm palette of vibrant autumnal hues; deep greens and reds, oranges and golds.
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Ashley Isham - HannahMcGee004S
Ashley Isham - HannahMcGee007S


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