apu-jan-spring-summerFollowing his Autumn/Winter collection ‘Petroleum’, fro Spring/Summer 2014, Apu Jan offered us ‘Signals’ inspired by signals affecting our daily lives directly as well as subconsciously.

Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2013-4 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-1 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-2 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-3 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-5

The Royal College of Art graduate had on offer a thrilling combination of pink and black with a range of knitwear in the shape of capes, sleek skirts and oversized sweaters and more fluid silk skirts, shirts and dresses featuring thigh high slits and delightful floral prints created by collaborator and fellow Royal College of Arts graduate Wu Ting taking inspiration, it seems from, oriental influences.

Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-6 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-7 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-8 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-9 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-10 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-11 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-12

Accessories themselves vied for the spotlight with footwear in the shape of bulky shoes and head gear in the form of floppy crochet hats on most models, in the absence of hats, models’ hair was gelled down.

Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-13 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-14 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-15 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-16 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-17

Where texture of oversize knits and the colour black lent an edge to the collection, it was delicately balanced with coral and pink hues and soft fabrics.

Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-18 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-19 Apu_Jan_spring-summer-2014-20 apu-janImage source: glamour.com

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