*Naija accent* 

Me: “My friends you will not believe the wahala that met me this morning!”

You say: “Ah ahn! What happened now?”

Me: “I woke up, and the there was no hot water to bath (again)!”

You say: “How is that possible? Aren’t we in the 21st century?! You’re in the UK surely you’re not worrying about things like NEPA?”

Me: “Well apparently when you live in this particular student accomodation they take hot water like NEPA takes light…”

*We then both proceed to shake our heads*

Good morning FABulous!

Yes, I woke up to no hot water this morning. Why is this relevant? Because I used it as an excuse to stay in bed and watch some videos! And I found one that I thought to share with you guys :)

The song is called Jaiye Lori Duru.

The funny thing is I’ve watched this video several times this morning.

The first time I was like”Oh Nigerian!” then proceeded to watch just based on that.

I then thought to myself – this song has too much keyboard. Why? I don’t like that…

Then I played it again and thought hmmm… I like the vibe not bad. Maybe the keyboard isn’t too much.

Then I googled it and realised the artist is a keytarist… #fail

Now I know what its about I’m all for it – Lol. Typical me…

Jaiye is a Nigerian keytarist born Gbile Durojaiye, on the 18th of July in the early ’80’s.

Everywhere I look it says early ’80’s – what are you hiding?

Anywho thats slightly irrelevant…

He was raised in Ibadan, then moved to Lagos to pursue his musical career.

His debut single, Jaiye Lori Duru, is a remake of a song by Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey.

I like the video because it is light, and they just look like they’re having fun (on some random Lagos street). It doesn’t feel forced. I like the free-spiritedness of the video. It makes me want to call up British Airways, hop on a flight, and look for some lemonade while I tan on a beach somewhere – yes I can tan.

I hope you enjoy the video. His debut album is coming out soon.

Oh and around 2 minutes 40 seconds there is a stack of bread being sold. For all my Africans in the diaspora doesn’t that make you just miss the fresh sugar bread in the morning sold by a lady walking through the neighbourhoods?

Ok, ok the video:

Jaiye Lori Duru from Jaiye Entertainment on Vimeo.

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