Return of Blackberry Babes is hilarious – I was not disappointed! I loved part one, and let me tell you I ran home after Uni to watch part 2! Well in Nollywood land its really parts 3 and 4…

They did well though because each part is an hour so really I’m sure they could’ve afforded to make them 2 hours long rather than split them into 4… but hey – whatever works for them, I’m still going to watch it!

I wish that Nigerian movie-makers would get more business minded though. In 4 parts they managed to give constant Blackberry product placement – FOR FREE. As well as Hummer, and whatever other material nonsense the babes were after…

There seems to be a lot more “sex” scenes in this one. If you watch Nollywood I’m sure you understand why sex is in quote marks… Some more cringe worthy than the typical Nollywood standards but as a BBB hard-core fan I will allow it. Well I have already allowed it because I watched it…

Things you will learn:

  • Red wine is the drink of choice for Nigeria
  • If you do not own a Blackberry you should question your life
  • Blackberry users must by force use every social network including Hi5… Hi5… Let me repeat… Hi5… na wa ooh

Thank God for the one woman who at least had some sense to not kill herself, and everyone else, for some plastic. She rather used her Blackberry to do some good for herself.

And as for Apolonia… WHY DID THEY NOT FEATURE HER MORE!?!?! She was hilarious in the first part, I wish they had used her more in this one.

I am expecting a part 3 (videos 5 & 6) because the way the movie ended I am not satisfied! They left a cliff-hanger I hope the fill! Nollywood Love no pressure to you!

Jokes aside I hope people aren’t taking this movie too seriously, because if you don’t have sense then you will join this madness in prostituting yourself for all kinds of upgrades. Abeg, if your phone is working manage it because its really not that serious.

I am now waiting for iPhone babes to come out. Who is going to volunteer to make that movie for me? I will only ask for 20% of the profits…

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