December issue of Tatler Magazine features a whopping 9-page report on the new generations of wealthy Nigerians, “Africa’s new golden girls and boys” as tagged by the magazine, who live, school, spend and buy property in UK as well as those who have successfully moved back home like TV presenter Eku Edewor. Alongside Eku, Tatler’s David Jenkins also talks to the 29-year-old tycoon Richard Vedelago, Shoreline Energy International boss Kola Karim, marketing consultant Adora Mba, DJ Florence ‘Cuppy’  Otedola, jornalist Lagun Akinloye the budding oil and property mogul Rotimi Alakija, entrepreneur Anthony Adebo as well as Eku’s twin sister Kessiana Edewor.

The report which also features editorial looks on Vedelago, Alakija, Adebo, Mba, Otelola and the Ekewor twins highlights the new generation’s private education, shopping habits, property investments and more.

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