Father’s Day is celebrated to honour fathers. It is celebrated worldwide in the month of June. Father’s day occurred for the first time in Spokane, Washington by Sonora Smart Dodd who after her mother’s death, wanted her father to feel special. So on 19th June 1910, she chose to celebrate father’s day because that month her father celebrated his birthday too. This day is celebrated to show appreciation to fathers for their unconditional love for their children.


Fathers day is a special day for me too, as I get to call my father and tell him how much I love and appreciate everything he has done for me, because I know sincerely he has been an awesome dad of six children.



fathers day

I love fathers day because:

1. I get to call my dad and spend a really long time speaking to him, which is not done very often, as we usually communicate through emails and text messages. So it’s a great time spent hearing his voice and spending time speaking with him.

2. I get to really show my dad I am grateful and I also get to hear how he feels through his responses. Words cannot express the  awesome feeling of having sacrificed and being thanked and appreciated for sacrificing, that’s what he always says. My dad does not really show how he really feels on a daily basis, so I love it when I can really get deep into his emotions and make him feel great and respond with great joy.


Fathers play an important role in our lives, they sacrifice for their children and they work really hard to ensure their children have all they need to be successful and safe. Make sure you always show love and appreciation to them, because a fathers love is all encompassing.

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