Seasons come and go but friends are here to stay.  Relationships  aren’t what you take so lightly. Making sure you invest in yours is paramount. Spending time with your friend, ensuring they they are loved and taking interests in their affairs are ways you can keep your friend. Well find out more!



If you don’t talk to your friend regularly, how do you expect to know them? Communication is one fast way to get to know anyone beyond surface level. You don’t expect your ‘best friend’ (who you haven’t spoken to in many months) to choose you over her other friends for the Maid of honor favor on the grounds that you known her the longest years. Well sorry, it’s not happening. If you want a change, do more of interaction. You both will be better off for it and besides, you get to listen in on each other’s needs. listening is an undeniably crucial part of great relationships.


3 Keys

I call them the three keys to peace in relationships. There are the words you know and most probably take for granted: ‘Please’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank you’. Use those words as appropriate. It shows high level of maturity on your part.


For granted

Never take your friend for granted. it’s often said that disrespect can be easily linked with proximity. You lose friends when you begin to think they’re not worth your while or make them feel so. Even if you shouldn’t be with someone anymore, end the relationship on a peaceful note. It’s best and healthy for both of you. Besides, you never know what tomorrow brings.





Give, give and give! A pen, your love, a smile, your time. Make your friend feel special by wrapping up a gift once in a while for him/her. Gift packages are not a sin to have as a ritual in your relationship, no matter how little they may be. It’s a symbol of your affection for the other person.







As much as you communicate, be honest about your feelings. Storing up grievances of arguments past weakens the flow. Let it out politely. You don’t like how she addresses you before others, or you simply don’t like that she talks back at you. Tell it. Nicely.


Out of the Box

Do something new as friends together. Go shopping – even if they are for new pants or hair pins. Do it! You’ll enjoy the time you spend with each other and get to know if she loves a bold statement ring or simple casual top for a present. Besides, yu’ll find characters on your way that’ll



You can do sleepovers at your friend’s and even think to invite a third friend It’s always fun! You connect girl to girl by doing this. You share secrets, have real laughs and even argue over who should be sleeping on the bed or the rug! But if your friend is a guy, no sleepovers, just hang out somewhere else. And no movies in the dark!

Two reasons

(i) Your misplaced feelings might deceive you into thinking you have chemistry and you eventually lose the essence of your friendship. Some folks are great as friends but if they let the friendship take a romantic turn, they ruin that relationship.

(ii) The other reason? Oh, I forget that one :)


Beware of friend poachers!

Poachers are friend thieves and I loathe them! They try to come in between you and your friend, excluding either one of you from the circle. It’s okay if they joined the camp and stay at being everyone’s friend but these people don’t. They go from group to group, ‘colonizing’ other people’s BFFs and always try to end whatever is going on between friends so they can be the friend. That’s why they take the victim out without including the other friend – just so to get rid of her. If you notice your friend is being taken from you, speak up. Inform her of what the other person is doing – stealing you from her – and wait to see. If she doesn’t see reasons with you and decides to elope with Poacher, let them be. They’ll be too many sweet friends to love and cherish you.

In any case, if your friend realizes her silly mistakes and comes back, (silly head) well… I’d say take her back but re-evaluate your standards for that relationship.

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