You think you can’t live another day longer because your partner broke up with you. It’s quite understandable to feel that way but the truth is you are going to overcome that pain. You will – eventually.

Read up these few points on how to survive heart break without breaking into pieces yourself.


Not Crocodile Tears

You just got out of that relationship and suddenly life feels weird, you don’t want to continue in it. You’re as confused as you are shattered and don’t know how to win your man back. You have no idea where to start from. Wow! Just hold it there; you need some air. Get a movie! But if you feel the need to cry, don’t hesitate.  You’re not any stronger by bottling up your emotions. Cry if you need to, it’ll help you heal and get rid of bad air but whatever you do, don’t hurt yourself.

No broken dreams

You should get rid of every feeling of low self esteem. This is how you reason when you begin to feel lesser than your ex. You think you can’t go through life without him especially if you both conceived ideas together. Life goes on even after a heart break. People achieve great things even beyond their expectations – after they’ve had a heart break. You shouldn’t be an exemption. Broken hearts never equal broken dreams. If you conceived that idea before, you still can again and be greater.

Focus on profitable things

Think about what you can spend your time doing, something worthwhile, something that’ll take your mind off him. As tempting as it may be, you can’t let him be in all of your thoughts, you just feel miserable. You might have spent so much time with each other while you were together and seem to have no lives ouside of youselves. Well, now is the time to create one. Do it slowly but gradually. Think about spending some time with someone else other than yourself. Have a bunch of friends you can talk to.

No love stories

This is never the time to start punching your playlist, looking for the best love collection on it, especially the ones you both used to love listening to together. Also keep away from movies that have themes that are built around love and romance. They will only make you realize what you don’t have. Don’t make excuses like it’ll help you feel better, I’m sorry, babes; it won’t. It’ll only help you cry more. I know we said letting it out is okay but forcing out emotions that might want to remain silent is not good for your health. Besides, you shouldn’t be crying your whole life away. There’s more to life than sad moments.

Garbage Out

Don’t throw out all his gifts to you just yet. It’s important you take your time in making decisions like this because honestly; you are in no right frame of mind to decide what to get out and what to keep. What do you do then? Keep them away where no hands of yours will reach out for. When you return back to them when your trying season is over, you’ll be glad you did and you’ll have no silly statements you wish you could take back. You might also feel the need to tell him off. It’s best you don’t. You might regret those actions later. Just pretend he doesn’t exist, you’ll be doing yourself a lot of good by doing this.

A shoulder to lean on

You need a friend – a sincere one to help you pull through. Sometimes we think we can handle these things ourselves. You need someone beside you most of the time. This also helps you realize you are loved. It’s also healthy because you can pour out your true feeling of betrayal to her. It’ll be helpful if you both move in together so she can place a loving check on you – just in case you’re pressured to reach out to the phone to call your ex. Your honest friend will stop you.

No looking back

The moment you made the decision that you wanted to be away from each other or he jilted you – whatever the reasons are – and you’re sure about your resolves, make no attempt to call or text him. Your best excuses might be that you want to iron certain things out that you didn’t get a chance to when you were love birds. Save it, you just want to hear his voice and you’re hoping your breakup is only a dream. Perhaps for sincere reasons, you feel you misunderstood yourselves. I sincerely feel your desire to end things right, really, I do, but you’re not going anyway near that device of yours. You’re not punching any numbers. Jumping at every chance to speak with him will only remind you of the pain and prolong your healing process. That’s why you need that honest buddy who’ll stop you from doing anything silly. Besides many of the things you so desperately want to iron out, you’ll find, many months later, will sort themselves out. Some things just work out on their own. Plus you can do whatever  sorting out when you are totally healed and don’t feel the need to return to him.

High up there

Because you’re not the product of some guy who dumped you, you shouldn’t  go about town with your head hanging down, feeling too sorry for yourself. You don’t need that. Identify what gifts you have and concentrate on developing them. He’s the loser, not you. Don’t tell him that. You need to be calm and control your emotions.


Don’t be so uptight about life. Your existence should revolve around many more interesting things of life. Take some time to actually laugh at some jokes. Your friends are trying the best they can to help you overcome your pain. Don’t shut them out. Don’t take everything too seriously. Watch more comedy now. Go out for a walk. Take deep breathes, not sighs. Go see a movie with some friend. Go out on dates with a group of friends. Switch your schedule. Don’t be predictable today.

No go area

Don’t make the mistake of jumping unto a new relationship once you’re out of this one. You might want to do this because you need someone to lean on emotionally. The last thing you need now is an intimate relationship with the opposite sex. You need time to clear your head, to see what mistakes you made in your previous relationships so you don’t repeat the same when you’re eventually in a new one. Also work on yourself; work on becoming a better person and you’ll find. You’ll find there’s so much about you you didn’t know. You’ll be proud of yourself when when all this is over, trust me, you will. And then, you’d have had your life back.

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