20-Strangers-Kiss-For-The-First-Time-FAB-Magazine-Relationships (1)20-Strangers-Kiss-For-The-First-Time-FAB-Magazine-Relationships (2)First kisses are always preempted by awkwardness, nervousness and all the antsy butterflies in the tummy, and that’s with someone you know. Now imagine that feeling with a stranger in a room, with a video camera recording you!

20-Strangers-Kiss-For-The-First-Time-FAB-Magazine-Relationships (3) 20-Strangers-Kiss-For-The-First-Time-FAB-Magazine-Relationships (4)Videographer Tatia PIlieva asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time and filmed the whole thing. The arty black and white video, which has now gone viral, sees the couples meeting, kissing and the aftermath of the event.

An awkward task turned into something kind of incredible. It’s quite a sweet video and a three-minute, 28-second celebration of beauty and awkward intimacy.

We also love the music playing in the background and for those who care to know it’s “We Might Be Dead Tomorrow” by Soko.

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