I’m reading a book at the moment and I came across a very deep question. You know, when we are looking for that “perfect” spouse, we usually have all kinds of requirements, right? Your friends probably say you’re too picky but you insist you have standards. I think it’s very important to have standards. You gotta be with someone you really want to be with. I remember a pastor once said “marry your temptation” and I doubt that anyone wants to live that Luther song for real, you know, the “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” Chai!

However, the only concern I have is that perhaps sometimes we are too hard on other human beings. I always say ‘don’t ask another human being to be what you’re not’. If I want a kind, gentle, loyal, Godly, man, I gotta be kind, gentle, loyal, Godly. You get me? We can’t expect him/her to be what we are not. This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t have complimentary traits but I do think that sometimes the pressure we might put on the other person to be “perfect” can be a bit extreme.

This leads me back to the book I’m reading. The couple who wrote the book talked about a very, very important question that can shed a lot of light on who we are. Here it is: HOW WOULD YOU LIKE BEING MARRIED TO YOURSELF? Now, that’s deep. That’s real deep. Once we are able to answer that question, it will give us insight into the kind of person we are and what it is like being married to us or what it would be like for the person who marries us. Once we figure that out, I think we just might see a few things we could work on in ourselves…

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  1. tolu

    i am not a bad person at all so i wont mind marrying someone just like me :-)


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