A good man is hard to find but so is a good woman (pun intended), Meagan Good recently got married to DeVon Franklin, the vice president of production for Columbia Pictures (a division of Sony), and also a seventh day Adventist preacher. Now just from that sentence you can tell that this man is no joke, he is intelligent and God fearing, and most importantly hard to come by. The most shocking reveal being that she knew he would be the man she would marry even before they had started dating, something which I think is amazing as well as sweet. Following the fact that the couple had decided to wait to get married before they got intimate with each other, something we obviously don’t hear very often in this day and age, but something I admire; there aren’t a lot of people that just commit to a relationship without that sort of physical intimacy.

Watch here for a video of Meagan Good’s husband, DeVon Franklin before they were wed, as he gives his testimony at The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3M24vYDTkA&w=480&h=360]

The wedding was an antique, purple and gold themed affair outside of Los Angeles. She walked down the aisle to ‘These Arms’ performed by the Craig Lewis Band while dressed in a custom R-Mine gown with a purple dipped train. At first, she had a hard time convincing designers to dip the train, however she was dead set on dipping it in purple. Of her dress Meagan said, ‘I didn’t want girly, I wanted handsome. It’s got a bit of a masculine feel to it. I wanted something that felt a tad bit rebellious and out of the ordinary. That felt closer to my personality.

Singer Shanice was also at the reception to sing, ‘Loving You’ while the couple enjoyed their first dance. The couple, now officially married, finally plan to get intimate, although they aren’t planning on having kids anytime soon, making the smart choice of getting to know each other as husband and wife first before they bring kids into the picture.

 What classifies being a good man or a good woman?

When I think about a good man, I would classify him as someone who provides for his family, who puts God first and lets everything else follow suite; he should be ambitious but dedicated and hardworking. The thing I think that a lot of men lack in or forget sometimes, is that as women we love differently and because of this what we require is not the same as a man; we need emotional support but a different kind to a man. Therefore a good man isn’t just all the above things, he can counsel you, give you advice and be that shoulder to lean on, without being out of character, but in fact your own personal support system, without that level of communication there or friendship then you are setting yourself up to fail.

A woman, on the other hand, is the rock of the house; she keeps everything grounded, and has duties, everyone argues about this point but I believe it is an essential thing. A woman should be able to care for and take care of her man, I say this because effectively the relationship you have with your significant other should be to the point he is like your best friend, so if you care and look after your best friend you can do the same for your man. When I say ‘care’, yes, that does include cooking, ladies. I don’t mean that the man shouldn’t know how to cook either, but as a women it’s something you should be able to hold down, no one is saying that you have to be a master chef, but you should be able to cook a little something.

Another important point is cleanliness – yes, cleaning is another thing we should be able to do, i’m not being sexist, but at the end of the day, we do it best and that’s just the truth. Have you ever asked a man to clean something for you, then come to look at it, and it doesn’t even look like anything has even been touched? Yeah, that’s because we are just better at it.

A good woman stands up for her man and is loyal no matter what, and ladies when I say your man I mean the potential man you’ll marry not these stepping stones, because remember it’s a mutual thing, this man should be the one I’ve stated above, if hes not then you really shouldn’t be giving all of yourself away to him like that.

As women we sell ourselves short too much, cooking and cleaning and catering to unappreciative guys, it really isn’t the way forward in life, and its something we all learn. But back to my point, being loyal means being there no matter what, through whatever, if you know that this is the man God has destined for you, there should be nothing in your way or nothing stopping you from being his shoulder to lean on, and there to hold him and reassure him whenever he has a doubt. Not only that but as a woman you need to seek God, no one’s is saying you have to be perfect, but in looking for him, he at leasts hears you, and you will start to see those changes you’ve been wanting in your life.

Credit : wedding images courtesy of Necole Bitchie 


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