I’m sure we’ve all heard this word at one point or the other, there’s even an MTV show called ‘Friend Zone’.

For those #LASTmas who don’t know what it means, its simply ‘placing a potential partner on friend level’. Do I have to explain what “LASTma’ means to??

Well, we’ve all been friendzoned at one point or the other, and by we, I mean you all… I haven’t been friendzoned 3-| But that’s not why we’re here.

I talked to a few people about ‘friendzoning someone or being friendzoned’ and most of them said the same thing, friendzoning usually happens when you’re not sure if the other person feels the same way you feel about them! (That’s not confusing right? If it is, read it again, out loud).

Now, when these people told me their reasons, I thought they were silly..

How would you know how someone feels about you if you don’t ask them or talk about it or even give them the green light? Then again, won’t it be obvious if someone had feelings for you? I mean if you look closely and try to see beyond your nose, you’d know how someone feels.

Maybe from the things they say, what they talk to you about, the tiniest things they do for you and yada, yada yada.
If you still can’t tell, do it the MTV way, I’m not saying make them help you plan a date like on the show, just take the person to lunch or dinner or do something you guys usually do and just tell the person how you feel and ask the person how the person feels about you.


But please be smart about it, you don’t want to make yourself look silly and appear desperate. It doesn’t matter who takes the first step, as long as the step is taken.

Don’t stay friendzoned and don’t friendzone anybody, because you just might be friendzoning your soul mate!

P:S Friendzoning should be an English word!

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