Perfect love or not? It’s no guesswork. If it’s real love, you’ll know. Quit waiting on the wrong person and get your life back. If your partner treats you wrongly and the trend is become his habit, why remain there? There are a few ways to detect if a man truly loves you or is done with dealing with you. We have here some of them. Does your partner truly love you or he’s just using you?

If you find yourself in the dilemma, you can still get out or find healing. When you do, you can move on from there. Here are a few ways to detect the silly trend. Then move on.


He never calls. Ever.

If your boyfriend’s (or potential ex – don’t blame me) favorite excuse is built around his really tight schedule – and you’re that gullible to believe it -well, I’ve got news for both of you. No one is too busy to call the people they love. If you mean anything to him, he’ll make out time for you. He’ll strive to make it work. But if you’re the only one doing all the communicating (and why do you even do that?), you need to hit the road. Fast!

You always strive to hold a conversation

There’s a huge difference between an introvert and a mute. Stop making excuses for him. Even if your partner is ‘introvertish’ in nature, by reason of you two being together and getting used to each other, he would’ve opened up by now – at least to you. So there’s no reason why he won’t want to communicate with you. It’s diffrerent if he’s got issues to deal with. Then let him open up to you as much as he would. You really need to think about the decisions that you’re making. Is this how you want to spend your life toether? If it’s far from what you desire and there’s no fixing it, girlfriend, get another boyfriend!

He keeps talking about his ex

If he does this every now and then and you see the convesations always tend to suggest that he was better off without you, you need to check that. If he also still has pictures, letters and sorts from her that he holds dear to himself more than he would yours, then there’s a problem. Let the loser go to her then. You need positive energy in your life not some drab persons who’ll make you feel all the worse about yourself. You should know that by now.

Another thing problematic partners like this tend to do is they always put you down. They make you feel lesser than yourself and if you give in, instead of getting out, you make your life harder than he’s made it. You’re unique in your own way; don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.

You easily irritate him

We all come from diverse backgrounds and have many different views on life. It’s no different with a relationship, hence there could arise value clashes. But if your every action puts him off and he’s the least appreciative of almost anything that you do, then ut’s obvious he’s got his eyes someplace else.

He’s never excited to see you

Another way of saying this is that you bore him so you’ll never get his attention unless it’s for the wrong reasons. If a man loves you, he stalks you (or almost does). He’s the first to pick up the phone and employ his sugar-coated tongue (let’s not deny they all have that) to get you to his side. He wants to see you everyday of the week and every minute of that day. Do his actions strongly suggest that you’re a pest even when you hardly see each other? That’s not a good sign, I must warn you.

He’s not proud of you

Every dude wants to introduce his girlfriend to his friends – to everyone basically because he’s the proudest of her. Ever notice that spouses hardly see the fault in their partners? Yes, it’s true. If the girlfriend for example is an aspiring artiste and sings just exactly like a croaking frog, he’d never notice. He’s the first to promote her as the next best musical thing. Disastrous. But then again, say ‘love’.

You can never please him (except in bed)

If this is the case then you are his little hoochie. The truth is if he loves you as much as he claims he does, he won’t be all about the sex. You probably know that. And don’t give in to thoughts like it’ll help you keep him because it won’t.

He abuses you physically

If a man lays his hands on a woman, or the woman he claims he loves then there either is a problem with him psychologically or he’s become a liar. You need to get out of that relationship before he succeeds in sending you to an early grave.

You’ve got one life to live so live happy


Don’t let no partner of yours make you feel hopeless

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