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Recently launched Ebony Life TV’s reality show “Sistaz” is due to bring a touch of FABness to a screen near you.

Not only will you be taken on three friends’ Lagos journey, but you will also see a few familiar FAB faces.

Tune into NEXT WEEK MONDAY at 9:30 Nigerian time and 10:30 CAT.

In Episode 8 due to be aired on Monday 19 August, title “Making up for a Passion for Fashion” the girls come face-to-face with ‘Mister Fashion Passion’ himself when they are invited to attend his FAB MAGAZINE NIGHT OUT event.  Jojo and Stephanie are in for a surprise fashion runway surprise.

If you’re yet to get to know the “Sistaz” here is a little bit more info to help you catch up:


STEPHANIE E. COKER is an actress and presenter. She recently returned to Nigeria after her growing up years in London, with a wish to establish her career as a TV personality and actress. Stephanie is presenter on MT Base and she has a recurring support roll on TINSEL.

JOJO STAVRO is an aspiring singer who has also returned home from abroad and she is on the brink of establishing her music career in Nigeria with the recent launch of her single ‘Let’s Dance’ – a passionate anthem to her country of birth.

ELENI STAVRO is Jojo’s older sister and she owns a hair salon in Dallas, USA where she lives with her 8-year old daughter. Eleni is certainly the hottest mama in town.



The STAVRO sisters decide to check into the legendary EKO HOTEL, situated on Victoria Island, Lagos for a long overdue holiday reunion. It is here that they meet STEPHANIE, who has checked in because she’s checked out of a busy schedule.  Together, the threesome decide to make Lagos their ‘mission on a theme’ for a month as they rediscover sisterhood, friendship and Lagos afresh.

Their holiday soon turns into a mission when sisters, JOJO and ELENI and their newfound friend, STEPHANIE host a ‘party on a theme’ at the famous Eko Sky Bar.  When their diverse worlds connect, their attitudes explode with a bang.

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