Wisdom Filla is a brochure which gives a quick snippet of wisdom from animals. The maiden edition of this brochure takes a quick glance of the Spider, snake, locust and ants their attributes and  nature. The brochure describes the spider as a small but exceedingly wise creature. Traditionally the stories coined around the world about this insect gives us an insight of wisdom by learning from this insect.

The snake also takes center stage in this brochure, and gives readers a brief about how wise the snake has been described in the Bible. With reference to Jesus Christ ordering his followers to become wise like snakes.

The locust as described in the brochure talks about the fact that a single locust is insignificant, but when the locusts travel together they get the world’s attention. Also, the brochure also pinpoints the natural display of the ant and also the worth of wisdom and the most successful creature on the face of earth.

This brochure is geared towards a worthy cause and powered by the Osei-Kusi Foundation and its partners.Osei-Kusi Foundation is an NGO poised at mentoring, coaching, wealth creation strategies, rural missions and research in Ghana.

To donate to this worthy cause please contact Osei-Kusi Foundation on www.oseikusifoundation.com or www.facebook.com/osei-kusifoundation Contact them on +233-302 500238/ +233- 302 965 859.

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  1. daniel nyarko rockson

    ok foundation is good for our generation i pray so that they get good people to come and talk to us about life ,leadership and ways


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