Err; hold the next generation for a second. It’s 2012 already? No way! I have laundry that I postponed from the first weekend in January, 2011and it’s already 2012. And my last year’s New Year’s resolution? Well that’s in the bin, never once attended to. To think that it wasn’t even anything drastic or overly ambitious, but there were just too many meetings, events and deadlines to keep up with.

Now, I’m at a restaurant trying to get this piece ready before midnight. The waiter serves my usual starter: chamomile tea, along with a small ceramic bowl filled with sugar. I had sugar served to me this way each time I visited this restaurant but it only just occurred to me that maybe this bowl of sugar was speaking to me. No! I don’t mean that in a hallucinatory sort of way. The bowl contained different sorts of sugar; brown, dark brown, white and black colours in different shapes and sizes. Now all year round, I paid no attention to this detail, I’d normally just go with the regular white cubes I was familiar with and not bother with the rest. It’s the same way I never try the other spices on the table except of course the ketch-up. Well not today, today, I decided to explore, I had 7 cups each with a different type of sugar and the results might shock you. It turns out, I like the regular white cubes best but at least I know how the other ones taste and I know I don’t like them. Today the sugar bowl served a metaphorical purpose more than a sweetening one; a nudge in the direction of trying new things.

You still don’t see my point, do you? Hold on, we are getting there.

Certainly, the signs were out to get me tonight. As I’m back home trying to finish this piece, the movie Eat, Pray and Love comes on and I reckon I’d watch it for a bit then continue with work.


Julia Roberts in the film Eat, Pray, Love

Now, in this movie, Julia Roberts cannot stand her life anymore, so she leaves in the middle of everything to do all she’s ever wanted to do. She takes a trip round the world, eating, praying and unexpectedly, loving.  This is tad too risqué for the regular Nigerian but do you see where I’m going with this?

I found that last year, like many other young people, I was too ambition driven that I rarely took out time to even as much as observe the finer things in life. The new lot of career driven individuals worry about procrastination only when it is work concerned but when it’s about living or fun, it’s fine. Deadlines after all come first, no?

Last year January, I bought a book called Eat that Frog, a book to help avoid procrastination. One year later, I haven’t gotten around to reading it; I’m not lazy, I’m just busy meeting deadlines.

I’ve decided this year will be different. As much as I want to leave my footprints in the sands of time, I also want to have truly experienced the FAB things in life, even the un-FAB things. Think of the countless things to explore, from cuisine to language, lifestyle to fashion and arts and the rest. I for one have decided to be vegetarian next year, start yoga sessions and take up a partial bohemian lifestyle.

Okay, that’s a joke but at least I thought about it.  And it’s the thought that counts right?


This year it’s the ACTION counts. Stop fantasising about that get-away, GET AWAY.

I am by no means encouraging you to abandon your jobs or projects. Of course, you will get fired. Just don’t pass up an opportunity to try something new, explore, live, love, learn and enjoy.

This year, I’ve decide to make the same New Year’s resolution as I did last year, nothing drastic or overly ambitious. ‘Just go home, touch myself and live a little’.

Happy New Year…



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  1. rema

    Av fallen in love with the idea of enjoying the FAB and even un-FAB things of life but then again m not the type to throw caution to the wind, I still stop to ask myself some questions based on morality from tym to tym. yes I want to experience LIFE, but then again if I must, how do I do so n maintain all moral standards? *sigh* I’ll try anyways
    p.s: I so love this article
    NOTED:Think of the countless things to explore, from cuisine to language, lifestyle to fashion and arts and the rest.


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