Celso Zaqueu is a young Fashion Photographer and Music Producer [under the alias Origimoz] hailing from Mozambique. Once living in London, gained his Bachelors Degree and returned to his home town to shine and share his UK developed talents with the people of his origin. His Art direction and creativity is an inspiration to many, this comic book loving optimist is surely set to capture the hearts and minds of many.

This particular project of his is called ‘+HUMAN+’ which artist says…

“This is simply an on-going project that focuses on people’s interpretations to the expressions & adjectives in within the photograph that you are looking at”.

The emotion captured in each photo is amazing. Self expression is portrayed within this project and as you go through the series of photographs, you gain a deeper understanding of what the artist was trying to show you, the fact that we’re all human and are filled with countless emotions, so regardless of how different we are on the outside, deep within us all, there is something that binds us together.

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