FAB_radioIt’s Wednesday and as such FAB Radio returns with yet another episode of interesting and in-depth interviews.

257637_10150206437333589_22239673588_7389253_6827316_o1This week we are saying a “Welcome Back” to Lanre Eldee Dabiri who was with us on the first season of FAB Radio and now returns to dish up on what he has been up to tonight. The rapper, record producer and architect talks on his new projects, politics and the general state of things in Nigeria at present, you don’t want to miss it!

FAB Radio is a lifestyle radio show operating from the FAB Magazine platform is inspired to make radio almost as visually exciting and enticing as television. FAB Radio is hosted by Mr. FAB and tonight’s episode promises to be really worth your while.

Tune in to FAB Radio tonight on the Beat FM 99.9 at 7.15pm. You may also listen live online at www.thebeat99.com

Check out videos from past interviews below:

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