FAB QUERY: Why did Rihanna give a below-par perfomance to South Africans?

rihanna show joburg

As you can see from The Stars headline 3 days ago, South Africans are not happy, impressed nor having it with they believe to have been a scam of a show where Rihanna was accused of lip-syncing and not even bothering to change her outfit at the show.

It was reported that Rihanna made history at her concert in Johannesburg South Africa last Sunday October 13th by becoming the youngest person ever to sell out the 67,000 seat FNB Stadium, but the local news dubbed her show a rip off. See what The Star had to say about her show below:

Sunday night’s Rihanna concert has left some fans complaining of lip-synching and a below-par performance. She was trending on Twitter yesterday morning after her performance at the FNB Stadium on Sunday night, with a mix of adoring messages and not-so-glowing reviews.

The latter included allegations that Rihanna was miming some of her songs, did not do a single costume change, had not performed some of her biggest hits and lacked vitality. “It’s obvious, you know when someone is lip-synching – I was in the Golden Circle, I could see it,” said Sharon Seretlo, a photographer at The Star. “I’m a diehard Rihanna fan but I was disappointed,” she said. “It was like she didn’t give the energy we wanted from her.”

Another fan said: “I think she was actually lip-synching because, at some points, the words of the song were happening but she wasn’t singing along. I don’t know if she was doing it for the whole show.”

Another fan, Nicole Contini, said there were other problems. “She had the song choruses playing in the background and sung over them – you knew she was singing because she wasn’t always on key,” she said. “I wasn’t too surprised as I know she’s a recording artist and her performances aren’t very strong.

“Having said that, I don’t feel the ticket prices were fair considering the level of performance,” Contini said.

We hope Rihanna can make amends on this shoddy job she did back in Africa as Africans will not have it.


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