FAB Personalities: Aisha + Christal unveiled for Wolfpack Women of Worth Campaign

Personalities for this year’s Wolfpack Women of Worth (W.W.W0.W) Campaign, have been unveiled.

Created by the Wolfpack Group to “applaud, promote and celebrate 10 young pioneering Ghanaian women for their passionate work and contribution,” to the growth of other women, this year’s first batch include:

Be Bold – Christal Beeko.

It’s hard to excel at something you don’t love, but find your passion and you’ll succeed naturally. Christal Beeko is proof of this. A former popular news anchor on Etv Prime Time News and currently an executive producer and host of the Be Bold Show, this young lady has made it her goal to become a media powerhouse and she’s definitely on track.


As Prime Time news anchor on eTV Ghana she was honored as a lead journalist at the World Economic Forum in Tanzania where she interviewed world leaders such as President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, Graçia Machel, humanitarian and wife of former president Nelson Mandela,His Royal Highness Crown Prince of Norway, and Director General of the World Trade Center amongst many others.

She is socially conscious and her mission through The BE BOLD Show is to contribute to the development of the African continent by focusing on its youth. Aside from inspiring many Africans to return to Africa, the BE BOLD Show engages in several social responsibility events such as the circle railway clean up on Global Hand Washing day, a sickle cell awareness campaign and the most currentKBG scholarship fund where students were given the opportunity to compete through essay writing for a one year senior high school scholarship.

Christie Brown - Aisha Obuobi

Inspiration begets inspiration a million fold.

From dressing up her dolls with the shreds of African print she found at her grandmothers workplace, Aisha Obuobi now dresses up the likes of Alicia Keys & Michelle Williams on and off the runway with her award winning label/brand Christie Brown.

aisha POR

Still in her twenties, Aisha is another fine example of a passionate young lady who never lost sight of her goals and her hard work has undoubtedly put Ghana on the fashion map.

Her work has grazed catwalks all over the world whiles magazines such as The UK Times, Glamour, Vogue Italia,Forbes Afrique and New African Woman to name a few have recognized and applauded her work. Her brand (Christie Brown) also has a self-titled feature on CNN’s Inside Africa.

It is Aisha’s mission to give a piece of Africa to the world through her fashion; to build a fashion brand that represents the audacity of Africa, a continent rising, a people with immense zeal, a people with immense passion.

She has become a key player in the industry and with her level of ambition Ghana can continue to expect great things from her.

Wolfpack Entertainment is a creative promotions company which focuses on unearthing and exhibiting talent in the youth. This company seeks to bring the youth together through entertainment.

The group aims to promote mutual growth and progress within that demographic.WolfPack is also a youth empowerment organization, with a dynamic membership collective of professional young men and women around the world.

The underlying objective of the WolfPack organization is to make considerable positive influences in the differing sectors that each member represents.

The WolfPack Organization has and will continue to create dynamic avenues for the young and talented to exhibit their originality and ingenuity through whatever platform we can provide.

Profiles and Images Submitted by: Wolfpack.


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