Who ever thought Africa was supposed to be behind and neglected? Well they better think again as more and more feats are being recorded daily by well meaning and extremely thoughtful Nigerians Tosan Jemide of Cakes by Tosan being one of the trail-blazing entrepreneurs to arise. 

The cakes expert’s big anticipated project which was unveiled at the Silverbird Galleria, Lagos with a giant 28 feet cake was a wonderful sight to behold. 

Tosan passionately admits that the inspiration behind such a rare master piece was his love for arts and crafts and his desire to blaze the trail, thinking out of the box whilst still upholding the relevance of also reasoning within the box. His passion for Nigeria was a big source of inspiration too.

Bearing in mind the focus on Africa’s big and greatest accomplishments, The Guinness Book of Records team were alerted about the event, a source claimed.

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