Kelvin Okafor is a graduate with a B.A. (Hon)s in Fine Art from the Middlesex University, London. The 27-year-old is setting the pace with his amazing drawn art works that mirror various emotional states in life, modeling humans.

The drawings look like they are real photographs, truth be told. You would have to argue over again to believe they are pictures. I did argue on some. Shows how exceptional the Nigerian artist is.

Kelvin whose interest for detail and precision is intense, explained even more on his blog; “I aspire to create art as vivid as eyes could see. I want my drawings to prompt an emotional response, making viewers feel as though they are looking at a real live subject. I’ve always been creative, but fell in love with using pencils in particular.

It amazed me, that with only one shade of lead, you can create so many tones and textures, and almost create the illusion of color. It was only when my images started to create a buzz with other Middlesex University students that I realized their impact.”

Kelvin whose pieces have been exhibited at key art galleries has other works currently on display at The Watercolours + Works on Paper Fair at the London Science Museum, until February 3 has won a number of national awards for his works and received so many accolades.

His instruments of work include graphite pencils, charcoal and black colored pencil and he creates only in black and white. Anyone as outstanding as himself deserves for the world to hear him and Kelvin is so on track.

We’re so excited another Nigerian is putting us on the map for good. Way to go, Kelvin!

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  1. Works on Paper Fair

    See Kelvin’s incredible work at the Watercolours + Works on Paper Fair at The Science Museum in London , from tomorrow , Thursday 31 January, to Sunday 3 February.


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