Ever wondered why you alone posses some certain qualities?

Ever wondered why there is no copy of you no matter how someone seems to look so much like you?

           “You were made original, not copy”

You are the only type of you that exists, today you might not be whom you desire to be, but always bear in mind, that you CAN be who u desire to be. No one else can preach your gospel, no one else can sing your song, no one else can complete a mission designed for you the way you would, so only you can be You.

“You were created for a purpose, You are not an accident”

You are a great personality not a non-entity, Unique and Original, no duplicate. You were made for a purpose(s), this purpose(s) remains unfulfilled if you don’t fulfill it because no one else can. Ever taken you time to think that as many as parts of the body are, each part performs different functions? The eye will never perform the function of the toe neither will the toe ever perform the functions of the eye, so if you have not played your role(s) or made your contribution(s) where needed, no one will.

          “You are not dispensable, you are essential”

Do not join the troupe of ‘common people’ or ‘ordinary people’, you are ‘extraordinary’ you are not a common man or woman, boy or girl, you are rare.

“You are Exceptional”

Stop been unhappy with yourself, the way you look, your height, the way you smile or laugh, the way you walk, talk.
Stop been unhappy with the things you cannot do, stop wishing you looked like someone else

“You are perfect”

Stop wishing people liked you the way they do someone else, “Everyone has something(s) in them that people can admire them for”. Stop hating your body and your personality, without all these things, you won’t be “YOU”. Love your imperfection, flaws, they are what makes you “YOU”, you can only learn to be a better person. Do not desire to be someone else, always aspire to be a better person than you you have ever been so you don’t misfire.

“Put the appropriate value on yourself; you are a Unique and Special being”

You are what you say you are, you have not become what you want today probably because you have not said it.
Dare to be different; dare to make a difference, people who make difference make history. Nelson Mandela made a difference and made history, Marthin Luther King jnr made a difference and his name remains in history, Barrak Obama made a difference and made history, work had towards becoming a better you.
If you fail today, tomorrow is another day to try, so why condemn yourself?

    “You were made to be Significant, not irrelevant”

Do people call you names? Do they criticize you? Did anyone or persons call you a never-do-well? He/she lied. Do not let what people say affect you, you are who you want to be. God spent time in making and designing you into who you are, why let anyone unmake you with what they say or do.

You were made for Fame not Shame, made to be celebrated, not tolerated, you were made loaded not empty, you were made to stand out, not fizzle out.

My sister always says: “Don’t just watch things happen, make them happen” yes!

         “You were born a Spectacle, not a Spectator”

You are a voice not an echo, so don’t let anyone stop you from being YOU

If you don’t let people, they can unmake u, they can’t make you unhappy. No one can make u feel inferior without your permission.

So take charge and Be YOU!

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