Yesterday evening was crazy on social media as a surveillance tape gotten and released by TMZ showed an angry ferocious Solange Knowles throwing kicks and punches at JayZ in an elevator after the Met Gala while Beyonce stood by with little or no interference. (Watch the video here).

Within minutes Solange was trending on both Facebook and Twitter, and shortly thereafter the hashtag #WhatJayZSaidToSolange became Twitter’s top hashtag. The hashtag has had amusing and hilarious responses that you may want to check out on Twitter.

solange-knowles-met-gala-angry-jay-z-doodle-ap__oPtA lot of speculations have come forth especially since the video footage was without audio and we could only watch what was happening – having to make up different scenarios in our heads. Twitter was upside down with excitement yesterday evening with everybody putting on their investigative caps. Questions were raised that we still do not have answers to and probably never will – What did Jayz do? Why didn’t Beyonce do anything? How could Solange attack her elder sister’s husband? What did Jayz do (again)? Was Solange fighting for Beyonce? Is Beyonce that much of a robot? – and many more.

The first thing we have to do is be grateful for JayZ’s composure throughout the attack because Solange coming out of that elevator with a bust lip would have been a whole other ball game. Through Solange’s punches and kicks Jayz just kept trying to fend her off and on like 4 occasions it seemed like he was set to retaliate but he held it together.

The second thing we have to understand is that we will never get the audio of this episode. In as much as we want eyewitness accounts, CCTV does not have audio and Julius the bodyguard has probably signed a contract of silence by now. Sadly all we will be left with are speculations – which are actually fun to come up with.


Some people say that Solange should have respected her older sister’s husband especially since he is 17 years older than her. To be honest the anger that I saw in that video was blind to age and looked like it came from extremely deep hurt. People are speculating that the reason Beyonce stood so calmly to the side is because Solange was fighting her battle, which seems very possible. There have been rumours on Twitter that Jayz is gay and Solange just found out and could not stand her sister being treated as a cover up. Another rumour on Twitter is that Jayz hit Beyonce and Solange was retaliating.


At the end of the day, in another video, we saw Beyonce getting into the same car with Solange while Jayz got into another, making it seem like they were standing together. Two days after the incident Beyonce and Jayz were at a basketball game, all smiles, making it seem like they were standing together. As it stands now, Solange has actually deleted all pictures of Beyonce and her on Instagram (possibly meaning she has cut Beyonce off).

What we are looking at is something that can affect this family for years. Forget the fame, forget the money, and just look at that family we all thought was picture perfect. One has to wonder what could have held such gravity to pull them down! One also ha to wonder if Solange was right to throw fists at her sister’s husband and even spitting on him, isn’t that the height of disrespect?

article-2626389-1D9D194200000578-944_634x806We are also left to wonder about Beyonce’s composure throughout the incident because not even once did she stray from the picture-perfect classy lady she works to portray. What could Beyonce have done in a tight elevator? Should she have started throwing punches too? Or just simply let the bodyguard do his job like he is paid to.

article-0-1DC869A500000578-718_634x802 jay-z-solange-meme-2-570x374 jay-z-solange-meme-5-570x575

A lot of people criticizing Solange seem to doing so as a result of her music career which is pale when compared to Beyonce’s or Jayz’s – so it is easy to assume that Bey and Jay have more fans to stand behind them, while Solange will always be “the girl who hit her older sister’s husband that one time”. Solange seems to be getting the shorter end of the stick and while we are seriously hoping that we get clarifications on the cause and resolution of the attack, we doubt any will be forthcoming as Beyonce and Jayz have been extremely private people all through their relationship and marriage.

It seems that all we will be left with in days, weeks and months to come will be speculations – and all we can say is Julius the bodyguard needs to release a tell-all book!

What are your thoughts on the incident?


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