Those who know me, would very well know that I am not the biggest fan of Kim Kardashian and the whole Kardashian Klan. In fact, I am not even remotely interested in their shenanigans much like I am not at all interested in the lives of such people who are famous for the sake of being famous… or for whinging and preening on a reality show or picking on their equally fake sisters… or for making a sex tape…

However, what I saw on Twitter today made me enraged on behalf of Kim. In response to Kim’s positive tweet “Keep your life in a positive perspective. We are not defined by our pasts” the ghost of boyfriend past, one certain Ray J came out of the wood works with what he presumably thought was a witty response, ‘lol’. Very mature, Ray J, very mature.

As the tweet became a top tweet with many retweeting and commenting on this childish dig of epic proportions it made me think of men and their frail egos. While Ray J has successfully reminded the world of the very public sex tape Kim was clearly foolish (or if you are of the camp that thinks it was leaked by the Kardashian family, desperate) enough to make with him, he also successfully reminded us all how of a d*cks men can be especially once they become scorned exes. What Ray J probably thought would be a great ego boast reminding the world of the very graphic scenes which some tweeps quickly took to Twitpic to refresh our memories Kim had taken part in with him, all he ended up doing was show the world just how frail men’s egos can be, under that simple ‘lol’.

Whether we agree with the practice of taping one-s self with an ex in intimate liaisons or not, much like another public case involving Tulisa and her ex who had leaked their sex tape online and was forced to apologise to the singer following court orders, we have no right to judge what two people who may have been in love (or possibly in lust) get up to and get filming behind their closed doors. Unfortunately, some women, like Tulisa and Kim, end up getting involved with men not to be trusted, either by leaking the tape much later after the relationship is over for publicity or financial gain, or still rehashing the past on social media in an immature dig, as in the case of Ray J.

For as many men out there who may consider Ray J ‘the man’ for showing Kim and the world he still has the power to meddle with her business all because of a past that should be long forgotten (I can almost hear some whooping with joy, “Go on Ray J, show Kim and Kanye who the boss is), I am sure – or at least I hope – there are twice as many men and women who will see him for the fool that he made himself look today – a man so engrossed of a conquest long gone he can’t help but stoop that low to take a cheap dig at an ex who has long moved on. Time to move on, Ray J; that ship has sailed.


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