Since TMZ uncovered shocking footage of Solange Knowles violently attacking her sister Beyoncé’s husband Jay Z after the Met Gala, the internet has been abuzz with speculation with several people coming up with their own theories as to why the incident occurred or what the aftermath is going to be.

While we love a little drama in the entertainment industry, the Carter-Knowles family is one that holds a lot of ground and influence in the entertainment world and we hope they settle their issues in the best possible ways.


Before the Met Gala Elevator beat down, Beyonce and Jayz had announced a joint tour that had turned the whole BeyHive upside down in anticipation and excitement. The tour, which is to begin on June 25 2014 in Miami and run till August 5 2014, has been rumoured to being cancelled but that will be extremely devastating. Beyonce and Jayz later came out, through representatives, to confirm the tour and even add more dates!

Just in case they think of cancelling the tour – and breaking a lot of hearts – we have put together 5 reasons why we think that the “On The Run” joint tour should still hold:

1. Wendy Williams Solved The Puzzle, Tentatively!
American media personality, actress and author Wendy Williams is one talk show host that knows how to get ratings and keep her audience interested. Immediately the video was released by TMZ social media could not wait for the next episode of the Wendy Williams show for her to dissect the video and give her own view – well she has and she makes a whole lot of sense.

With a detective like Wendy Williams Beyonce and Jayz do not need to cancel their show to explain things to their fans because Wendy has done quite a good job of it already. Watch her analysis clip below:

2. Solange & Jayz Reportedly Spotted Together After Video Release
Whether it is for damage control and publicity, or really bonding between the two, Solange Knowles and JayZ have reportedly been spotted jewelry shopping after the video of their confrontation was made public.

Jay Z & Solange During Happier Times

Jay Z & Solange During Happier Times

According to TMZ, Jay Z and Solange Knowles went looking for jewelry together Tuesday afternoon at a high-end NYC jewelry store called “Mr Flawless” and even though Jay and Solange reportedly didn’t talk much inside the store, at least they were seen together and that is progress.

3. Beyonce Is Too Much Of A Professional To Cancel A Tour
I think more than the shock of Solange’s attack on JayZ in the elevator was the shocking calm reaction that Beyonce had throughout the ordeal. As they stepped out of the Standard Hotel Beyonce even stopped to give the paparazzi a smile – after your younger sister spits on your husband and kicks his crotch!


If there is anything we have learned from this elevator business it is that Beyonce is a professional through and through. Hopefully she is too much of a professional to cancel a world tour that’s already estimated to pour in millions of dollars.

4. Think Of All That Money!
Tickets for the Beyonce & Jayz joint tour sold out in MINUTES! According to Billboard, fans are not even the only ones hustling to get a piece of the phenomenal moment and top brands in financial services are seriously contesting to get sponsorship rights. A bank, JP Morgan Chase, got the sponsorship rights and they reportedly bid roughly $4 million in cash.


When you think of all the money to be made from this tour, especially for a power couple such as Beyonce and Jayz, and all the work that has gone into the tour preparation then nothing should hold the tour back.

5. The Tour Might Give The Carters An Opportunity To Work Out Their Kinks

What better way to work out their problems that with the close proximity of a tour? They will have to work with each other every day, make decisions, tempers will flare and hopefully the tour is an opportunity for the Carters to face their challenges because we want peace in the Carter-Knowles clan.

6. The Show Must Go On!

Any one in showbiz knows how important it is to keep the public life separate from the private life. Regardless of what happens the show really must go on – and we hope that our favourite Hollywood couple remember this as they plan their world tour.


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