“My style varies from outfit to outfit, but mostly there’s an androgynous streak and a close attention to simple details.”

“Here I am wearing a pair of Topshop trousers with an oriental-style tie waist – the only black pair of trousers I actually own, minus jeans. The blazer I found in a sale at Zara and I’ve loved it’s boyfriend shape ever since – that and the muted tone which allows it to work with almost everything else I have in my wardrobe. The t-shirt is my absolute favourite – it came free with Elle Magazine one year, and the image was designed by Giles. I’ll love it till it’s thin and holey.”

1. River Island – “I’m not a diamonte/sparkly kinda girl, but I remember these were a last minute purchase that made the finishing touch to an evening outfit.”

2. Matalan – “I heart this bag as it’s so cheap, plain and the perfect size. At £10 it was a steal.”

3. Rotary – “My beau bought me this for Christmas after hearing me mention I wanted a grandad-style watch once. He’s a good listener and apparently he has good taste; the watch is timeless and I wear it with everything.”

4. Topshop – “This ring is simple enough to go with everything, but it’s coil detail adds that little bit of interest my fingers would otherwise be missing. Lol. Poi-fect.”

5. Bertie – “Another sale purchase, these suede brogues made my day (and nearly every outfit since) when I bought them for £35.”

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