For many achieving the perfect face and body solidifies a particular look that we believe will not only please ourselves but others also. But is it a case of us simply wanting to improve our looks or should we be more honest and admit that we do it because we want to improve our social status? Evident when we use our looks in different social situations, whether it be flashing a smile to get free drinks at the bar or flirting with the boss to get that promotion, how comfortable or willing are we to use our exterior as a means of social mobility?

Let’s face it, many of us make great efforts to look as perfect, and by perfect I mean whatever it means to each individual to be perfect, in order to create a certain persona. We want the beautiful arched eyebrows, the soft cupids bow, lengthy eyelashes and cheekbones you could cut glass on. Put these factors all together and you have what many proclaim to be a visually pleasing face.

Take a trip lower down the anatomy and this is where things start to get interesting. From a mixture of fashion adverts, magazines, music videos society has taught us what is needed to have the perfect body. To achieve this you will need an extensive list of physical traits including a long neck, a defined collar-bone but not too prominent because that veers on being too skinny.

Many consider Naomi Campbell to have the perfect body

Then you need great breasts preferably an ample C cup and of course they will look even bigger with a rock hard six-pack stomach. Progress down to the hips and they should be wide but only in relation to your tiny waist. To finish off have a pair of lengthy legs set off by strong calves.

Wow! This is the message we are promoting to women, to the many women who I consider to be the backbone of society; our mothers, sisters, cousins nieces, and friends. But for the average size 12, pear-shaped British woman this is simply unattainable and unrealistic.

Not only does this message suggest appearance is everything but that it can improve and alleviate your social status. And if your genes did not provide you with these things, do not fear, because if you have money you can attain these things easily. But having these cosmetic enhancements is only the first step in climbing the social ladder.   At a time where education may no longer be used as a social weapon (how many recent graduates do you know who actually have jobs) looking good has never been more important.





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