As we prepare for our annual FAB Night Out that the FAB team is so excited about, we have the privilege of bringing you our Publisher’s speech.

Familusi Akin Babajide pours his heart out on what the FAB awards mean to him and why he thinks it should mean something to you our lovely supporters, collaborators, friends and fans worldwide.

The Speech:

Firstly, I will like to thank every single person who honored our invitation to this very important event. Some have given up business dinners, some their precious time with family, others have given up a nice restful evening with their phones off, TV on and their choice of drinks and snacks just within their arms reach. I just need you to know that I recognize and appreciate your sacrifice, it has not gone unnoticed. Thank you.

Secondly, I will like to congratulate every single nominee. We will unveil you to the world shortly and the voting lines will then be open.

Why a FAB Award? Many have asked. At FAB Magazine or should I say FAB Media. We are known to unashamedly celebrate all things Fabulous, African and Black. Everyday we continue to look for new ways to shine a light on a continent that has been misrepresented, misjudged even relegated. A continent where black has been associated with darkness. A continent that has had it’s values eroded by an ocean of western ideologies that seek to recreate our identity. A continent forced to believe that civilization is the same as westernisation!

Today, we have created fresh channels to continue with this celebration, the celebration that must continue beyond our lifetime to ensure that the superiority of our value systems, culture and lifestyle gains it’s rightful place in global influence. These channels include FAB Magazine; FAB Radio; FAB Weekly; and FAB Television. Whereas, some may think we now have more than enough channels to propagate our lifestyle, we believe there are those who have proved to be outstanding in their lifestyle segment and these, ladies and gentlemen, are the FAB Award Nominees!

We have committed our lifetime to this cause and our promise is to teach those coming after us that Excellence can be a lifestyle choice, Excellence is achievable and Excellence is African.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please have a FAB evening.


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