Turning Point, the Nollywood/Hollywood production by HekCentrik Films wins big at last weekend’s BEFFTA (British Entertainment Film, Fashion, Television & Arts) awards, taking home the coveted prizes in film categories of Best Director and Best Film for director Niyi Towolawi and Turning Point respectively. The “Nollywood meets Hollywood” feature was nominated in 7 categories including best in production, screenplay, actress, makeup and costume.

This adds to a growing haul of international recognitions including 4 wins at America’s Nollywood and African Film Critics’ Awards (NAFCA), fondly called “African Oscars”, as well as a film festival Best Drama award at Trindiefest, Colorado, USA. This adds to a nod at City People Magazine in Nigeria as well as a Best Director UK at the Yoruba Heritage awards, London. Other nominations include 2 nominations at African Academy Movie Awards (AAMA), Best Disaspora Feature at Nollywood Movies Awards, in addition to 4 nominations as the upcoming Best of Nollywood Awards.

Niyi Towolawi, writer/producer/director of Turning Point on receiving the awards says, “I am over the moon about our BEFFTA awards. We have won several accolades in the acting categories, which I suppose says something about my directing. However, winning best director and best picture really bring things home.”


The international multi-award winning Nollywood/Hollywood movie Turning Point by HekCentrik Films is now available to watch online via pay-per-view platforms. Details were unveiled at the recent press conference held at Club Ebony, London, where the film’s leading ladies KD Aubert and Jackie Appiah both joined via Skype from Los Angeles, California, for an interactive session.

Movie fans can now enjoy the full glory of the cinema quality of Turning Point in HD resolution from the comfort of their own homes via computers and other internet enabled devices on (Africa) and (Europe). Release strategies for the American market are still being finalised with a major Hollywood studio set to facilitate a theatrical release. While Dobox is a fast growing video-on-demand portal for Nollywood movies, Millennium TV typically only caters to a niche market providing high quality entertainment. However, having following the journey of Turning Point, the movie will be their first strategic Nollywood audience film on the platform.

“Having worked so hard on a feature, it is important to make it accessible to the audience and this is the natural next stage in the process following the cinema release in UK and Nigeria,” says Niyi Towolawi, director/producer of Turning Point.

Winston Bell-Gam, CEO of Millennium TV who was present at the press conference adds, “At Millennium TV, we strive to select the best of content from across the board for our audience and are very proud to have Turning Point to be our flagship Nollywood film.”


Set in New York and Lagos, Nigeria, Turning Point features an ensemble cast of Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Oz), Todd Bridges (Diff’rent Strokes), Victoria’s Secret model and actress KD Aubert (Scorpion King, Soul Plane), Joe Estevez alongside Jackie Appiah, Patience Ozokwor (Mama Gee), Oge Okoye, et al, Turning Point has a strong global market, not only with the African target communities but also with the mainstream market given its crossover appeal.

The plot is a compelling story of ethnic prejudice, blurred moral lines, revenge and deception. Turning Point follows the story of Ade, a Nigerian-American New York City investment banker on the rise. Family pressure forces him to abandon his keen-to-marry African-American girlfriend and accept an arranged marriage to a stranger from back home. The consequences of Ade’s choice may prove his downfall as the seemingly submissive wife is not all she appears to be.

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