First Cut, a Nollywood production by Lisa Henry Omorodion, directed by Chico Ejiro aka Mr. Prolific, starring Monalisa Chinda, Lisa Henry Omorodion, Bobby Obodo, Joseph Benjamin, is set to premiere in Lagos on Sunday, 29 December 2013. The premiere is at the Grand Ballroom of Eko hotel and suites, and the Red Carpet starts at 6pm.

A suspense drama, First Cut tells the story of a young woman, KC Morgan, whose picture perfect life was thrown off the track by the events on the night of her 18th birthday party.

Suspicious of none other than the man closest to her, she is now a shadow of her former self, every touch a painful reminder of that dreadful night KC desperately tries to forget. Her dreams forsaken, her fairy tale future shattered, and the ‘man of her dreams’ now miles away.

Her father, Adam Morgan, once a man with means betrayed by the one person he put his trust in, is plagued with a terrible secret of his own, helpless and guilt-ridden by his daughter’s demise. But can a father really stoop so low?


As a chance encounter gives KC a new lease on life, it seems as if for the first time she may be able to put the past behind and even find happiness with an old flame back on the scene. But could it all be as it seems?

As old secrets are revealed, power games are played out and a web of lies woven and destroyed, will the truth be her damnation or her salvation? More importantly, can KC handle the truth?

Bound to keep the audience on the edge of their seats from the beginning till the end, First Cut is Lisa Henry Omorodion’s cinematic debut which also sees her give a powerful performance as KC.

“I am delighted to debut my first production project First Cut which promises to be  cut across the hearts of multiple audience age range because it relates and draws from the perspective and experiences of a larger group other than simply teenage experience. Basically It touches on multiple facets of life as a whole,” said Omorodion of First Cut and added, “The audience should expect a fresh and unique storyline that has not been properly explored from a young audience’s perspective.”

Watch the trailer below:



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