After you watch the video below I think you’ll all agree with me that this twerking stuff has gone too far; when you start endangering yourself because of it, is where a line is drawn. Lets look at the equation, loud music+handstand+candles on glass table=not a smart idea.

Earlier this week, a YouTuber  whose name is Caitlin Heller decided she’d record herself practicing her twerk moves, as you do, but things went left quite quick. Caitlin decided standing up to twerk wasn’t enough, so she hopped on a handstand, and started twerking on her apartment door, when her roommate abruptly came home and sent Caitlin crashing down onto a candle and glass table top.

I really hope the girl wasn’t too badly injured, and hopefully this teaches people that twerking is not a necessity in life, how about we just enjoy the music.

twerk 3

Watch the video below

Source: NecoleBitchie

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