Virgin Atlantic Airways, launched a new advert campaign  “Flying in the Face of Ordinary” FITFOO”, on Friday the 2nd August 2013. Guests were treated to an exclusive screening of the advert at the Silverbird Cinemas.


“Flying in the Face of Ordinary” (FITFOO) brings to life Virgin Atlantic’s innovative and pioneering spirit. The new proposition captures the airline’s passion for flight and demonstrates how Virgin Atlantic goes beyond the norm to deliver unforgettable experiences for its passengers.  

Founded by entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson 29 years ago to shake up the UK’s aviation industry, today, Virgin Atlantic flies to 36 destinations worldwide, including locations across North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Far East and Australia.  Some of its most recent additions to its flying network include Cancun, Vancouver, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Manchester.


Over the last few decades, flying has become a common feature of everyday life – whether for short breaks, holidays in exotic destination or business trips within Nigeria and around the world. As flying has increased, so have expectations.  Virgin Atlantic provides the alternative that consumers need, setting us aside from the rest of the industry.


“We wanted to capture the essence of Virgin Atlantic with this new campaign and bring the glamour and fun back into long-haul travel. “Flying in the Face of Ordinary” is more than a marketing campaign; it is a powerful brand proposition and long term platform that will be reflected in all areas of the business from communications and marketing to product and service.” says Rachel Coffey, Country Manager Nigeria.


The advertisement is based upon the lives of real people who work at the airline today and traces the lives of the gifted youngsters born with special skills, and how they later use those talents to become outstanding employees at the airline. FITFOO – “Flying in the Face of Ordinary”

The advertisement will be broadcast on TV stations across Nigeria from 14 August 2013.

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