Baileys-Boutique-Radio-ShowFAB Award Nominee Veronica Ebie-Odeka and Stephanie Coker of reality show Sistaz on EbonyLifeTV; Feke on Tinsel, VJ for MTV Base and of course Mr FAB’s former co-host on FAB Radio are out with the next big radio show hosts to hit the air waves.

The FAB ladies will host an all new lifestyle show – “Baileys Boutique” where they will be giving you all the juicy scoop and trending topics from what women talk about to fashion and lifestyle.

The show created by Baileys Irish Cream, is aimed at shining light on women, fashion and lifestyle and judging from the fab promo shots, we are sure you can look forward to a great time with hosts, Veronica and Stephanie.

The show is to air every Friday by 8PM on Cool FM 96.9, but for now see more images of the FAB duo below:

Baileys-Boutique-Radio-Show1 Baileys-Boutique-Radio-Show3 Baileys-Boutique-Radio-Show4 Baileys-Boutique-Radio-Show5

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