It’s all change on America’s Next Top Model, Page Six reports that Tyra Banks has fired America’s Next Top Model’s beloved judges, Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel, and Miss J. Alexander.







Word is Miss Tyra wants to revamp the entire show and add a social media slant, and has been reaching out to popular bloggers like Bryan Boy to fill the open spots. I am a huge fan of ANTM and of the original panel, I hope the new panel will live up to all our expectations. I love Miss J.Alexander’s bluntness and I hope he will still feature somewhere in the show…please?

You're Fired! Nigel Barker, Miss J and Jay Manuel are to be replaced.

Sources tell Page Six that the three mentors were informed yesterday morning that their contracts would not be renewed for the next season. Ouch.

All these judges had been with the show since the very first show in 2003. Nigel Barker is a noted fashion photographer and a judge on the panel, he always made his opinions very clear and wasn’t one to mince his words. Miss J Alexander worked with the contestants on their runway technique and always provided hilarious one liners, and Jay Manuel was the show’s creative director who also occasionally worked with the girls on set and never let them off easy.

Executive producer Ken Mok cleared things up in a statement yesterday:

“Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander have been an integral part of the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ brand and they helped turn this show into the household name it is today. They have been amazing assets to the show and will always be a part of the ‘Top Model’ family. We will continue to actively work with each of them on future projects.”

It’s a very interesting that Tyra wants to recruit more bloggers on the panel, this truly shows the way the world of fashion really is shifting  towards the digital age.

Blogger Brian Boy is rumoured to be on the panel for Season 19

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show… (erm where have you been?) here is a clip of the judges in action, firstly Jay Manuel records their advert with them, and then they are judged by Miss J and Nigel Barker on the Season Finale of Season 12:

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