Today I took the time out to watch  Oprah Winfrey’s Next Chapter, because one of the most recent episodes featured The Kardashians, Oprah like most of us wanted to get down to the main reasons why the family have become such a Success and phenomenon, that will undoubtedly go down in Pop Culture History. There are dozens of reality TV shows on TV but honestly what makes these Kardashians so contagious, for good or for bad, better or for worse.

She first sat down with the Kardashian children and questioned them about their stardom; I have to admit they gave responses that I really would expect from them. None believed that their main attainment was to be famous, or that they would refer to themselves as famous, because it made it seem like they felt highly of themselves, when in fact they are just trying to fulfill their dreams, and capitalize of the spotlight they have now in order to achieve the things they have always wanted to achieve. Kourtney especially made it clear that being a so called ‘Celebrity’ is still something she finds difficult, even if it is quite contradictory because she has chosen to be filmed and put in the public eye; again they all seemed to accept that this is what comes with being on a reality TV show.

The interview that intrigued me the most was the one with Oprah and Kris aka “MoMager”, a nick name they’ve given to her, because she is their mum and their manager. Kris came off very honest and real, and did not aim to make excuses for herself, she admitted to things like being naïve at the time she asked for a divorce, and that she did not think it through as thoroughly as she could have at the time, because it is the one thing she regrets. However she was grateful for what it brought her which were Bruce and their two beautiful girls Kendall and Kylie, there was also a highlight on the affair she had shed light on in her book that she had published. It was expressed that she did not regret revealing that truth,  even when she knew the impact it would have on everyone else.

The Kardashian Children, Rob, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney had all earlier expressed their sorrow in their parents’ divorce. Kourtney was impacted the most, which is something I’m sure were not surprised to hear, considering her long term relationship with Scott Disick, the kid they have together and yet no sign of marriage bells.

Sadly the Kardashians Dad Rob Kardashian passed in 2003, probably one of the hardest times for the whole family, especially Khloe who had explained how she barely saw her family for three years because they reminded her of him to the extent she couldn’t be around them. I have to admit that truly touched me because regardless of being on TV or not, losing a parent is never easy for anyone, and it is a pain that you always carry with you. Even Kris expressed how difficult it was for her because the family was at a point where they were making everything work, and Robert was like an uncle to her two girls with Bruce.

Some raw and true emotion was shown from Kris when she expressed how thankful she was that she had written a letter Robert before he died, telling him how wonderful he was and basically just pouring her heart out; that was something she knew she needed to do, and was the most rewarding thing she has ever done. A point that was also made that I wanted to highlight on, is you have to tell the ones you care for or love how you feel when they are here, because none of us know what tomorrow holds, it’s something so important that a lot of us don’t realise because of anger or pride, but it’s something that needs to be done.

Does Kris Jenner pimp her kids out? According to her, No, at a point she admits she had to ask herself if she was exploiting her kids, but ultimately concluded that this isn’t what she’s trying to do, she is trying to put her kids on a platform that allows them to assert themselves to do the things they want to do, because she wants the best for them. In fact how is it exploiting, she gets to work and be with her kids supporting them every day, how many parents get to do that? We can’t really fault a parent for wanting the best for her kids and always being there for them no matter what.

Having an open relationship with your kids and being able to communicate with them about their problems is an essential part of being a parent, and I have to admit I admired the way in which Kim spoke about her mum, and being able to tell her mum anything, and know she had her back when she needed her. When Kim was about 15 she came to her mum and spoke about wanting to have sex with the boyfriend she currently had, and had been dating since age 12, and her mum and her discussed about going on birth control, now I’m not advocating this, but it is important and a good thing when kids are able to come to their parents and talk about things like this, a simple conversation can prevent things like teenage pregnancy. Most kids that age are not aware of all the risks, and it’s important to have someone there that can educate them and counsel them.

In Light of that it was no surprise that when Kim’s sextape leaked, that her mum although sad and heartbroken at the time, knew she had to be there for her daughter, and do damage control. It is not an easy thing for a parent to hear news like that, likewise it isn’t easy for someone to tell their family that news and be put in that position, an issue Kim said was very hard for her. Kim expressed that it is so hard to deal with the disappointment and embarrassment you’ve caused yourself and your family in a situation like that, because anything you do reflects upon them good or bad, and that she learnt a severe lesson from that mistake, and obviously if given the opportunity would not do what she did.

Now the major issue that we all know Kim was going to get grilled about was her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries. If you’ve watched the show and have grown to understand Kim’s personality, then you can agree she falls quickly and hard, she is a Romantic and like all girls she wants that fairy-tale, but this time it didn’t work out that way. Having been married already this is Kim’s second divorce, but she states that she doesn’t regret it, that she loved him and was in love with him, but the reality was they hadn’t really lived together and once they did she came to the conclusion that he wasn’t the one for her; and she had to make a decision do I stay unhappy so I don’t disappoint people, or do I do something for me and my happiness, obviously choosing the latter.

The thing most of us forget is that these people are human, they will make mistakes and we really can’t expect them to be perfect, regardless if there is a camera watching them every day, they live their lives the best way they know how. In addition it’s not like Kim didn’t realise the consequences of her choices but also has learned a lesson from them, she tells Oprah “If a real lesson was learned I’m so ok with having experienced that”.

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