The news around town that gifted singer, Muma Gee has cancelled plans in getting married to Nollywood artist, Prince Stan Eke is not true. Sources have said that has denied it, stating that her marriage is indeed on hold, but because of the importance of her music career.


Explaining why there has been delay she said, “The marriage would hold for sure, but my music career is also important to me. What we have done is that we shifted the date because we are shooting a new video of my album entitled, Port Harcourt is back.”



“The real story is that I am very busy; forget the rubbish people are saying. Even if I keep on receiving different calls asking me about the marriage, is it anybody’s business when I should get married? Is it not my marriage?”


“When I am ready, I will get married. So there is no reason for people to keep asking me about it.”

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