You may recall the hit black movie of 2009, Precious starring lead actresses: Gabourey Sidibe as Precious and Mo’Nique who played the role of Precious’ mother in the fictitious movie. Precious is an adaptation of the novel, Push by Sapphire.

Sidibe who has been a figure of ridicule from quite a lot of critics relating to her appearance finally opened up to journalist, Roland Martin who caught up with the actress before the 45th NAACP Image Awards and asked how she gets to grip with criticisms. She responded,

“I feel like they’re talking about me because I’m busy,” says Sidibe. “That stuff does hurt my feelings because I’m a human being. I’m not a weak, sensitive person. I’m merely a person…I have to tell myself sometimes, ‘These strangers are saying things about you but look around you. You are in your dream. You’re in everybody else’s dream. You’re living a really good life and you’re happy.”


Gabourey Sidbie on set for American Horror

The Academy Award nominated star received a lot of negative comments on Twitter for her red carpet look at the recent Golden Globe Awards. Gabourey who was dressed in a shimmery silver dress by Daniel Musto tweeted earlier about her underwear and much later responded sensibly to the mean remarks,


She says her response was a reminder to herself and the critics that harsh comments about her weight are the least of her concerns because when she looks around she is living her dream.


Sidbey in a Daniel Muso gown

The social media is filled with a lot of cruel personalities who celebrate the advantage of anonymity to tongue lash a lot of celebrities and personalities. The reasons behind this behaviour remains unexplainable then again, nobody should be judged based on their looks. Sidibe is very much pleased with herself as she blooms in her acting career, paying no bother to spiteful persons. She recently debuted new movie, White Bird in a Blizzard at Sundance.

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