Tim Westwood, the white guy with the cool black attitude, has embarrassingly been turned down at the doors of the notorious London hangout, The Box.

Approaching the celebrity hotspot, the 54-year-old radio broadcaster and all around hip-hop worshipper was turned away –all in full view of his new interns.

The nightclub, popular for its ‘anything goes’ attitude, has a reputation as Britain’s seediest VIP club featuring sexually explicit cabaret acts and semi-naked dancers. Sadly, Westwood didn’t get to experience the promiscuous club first hand. However, seeing the funny side to the whole ordeal, Westwood larked around in the street outside good naturedly before taking himself off to another party to continue the night.

Westwood has recently spoken about his plans to go back to Afghanistan where he entertained troops previously from the military base at Camp Bastion. He is well liked amongst the troops but many individuals in the UK were unimpressed by his efforts, accusing him of supporting the war. “That’s not what this is about” Westwood said, “There is a distinction between the people who sent them and the people who are out there doing it.” Good on you Westwood!

Tim poses for a picture with a fan outside The Box nightclub in London

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  1. Chai

    Heya…Sorry Tim! I hear Wande Coal was turned away at Play Night Club sometime ago, is this true?


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